Whether you are selling your home or business or just want to check up on your HVAC unit, Asheville AC Repair is the right company for your HVAC inspection.  Our certified technicians conduct a through inspection on each of your units, returns and ducting to provide you with an up to date assessment on your current HVAC system.

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Why An HVAC Inspection Is Important

The heating and cooling ability of our homes and businesses are paramount to how comfortable our families, guests, and our clients feel. Not having a properly functioning HVAC system or thermostat can over work your unit, without you even knowing it. Summer months are tough on our system in Asheville. Hearing funny noises? Wondering why it’s running nonstop? Have a professional take measurements and make sure it’s operating at full capacity. A struggling or faulty AC unit can make potential buyers or clients to your business uncomfortable. Therefore, it is essential to keep these machines inspected and fully functioning to avoid unnecessary break downs. 


A good HVAC technician will make the thermostat is fully functional. He or she will also need access to your breaker box to shut the power to remove certain parts for inspection and cleaning. This will include leveling the unit, cleaning the coils, cleaning the fins, replacing the air filter and checking the drain pan and flushing it out if needed, and also check the ventilation for dirt and any blockage. Keeping the unit clean ensures it has higher output to maintain your indoor comfort and longevity of your unit. 

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During HVAC maintenance, the technician will also asses how well the duct system actually works. Your duct system is very crucial to a smooth running HVAC unit because it is the passage that the heated or cooled air travels through. In the event the ducts get damaged or blocked, it may end up destroying the whole system. HVAC inspection will identify areas where cleaning or repairs are needed to improve comfort in your home. Constant cleaning, repairs or replacement could benefit your home in terms of overall heating and cooling efficiency. A technician will also counter-check things like aging or improperly sized appliances so you can consider other options to keep your HVAC system running.
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